My buddy Kevin Ward sent me this video. It is not exactly high speed but high on style! Nice!! – GT

Yesterday two friends of East Jesus stopped by to visit. As they pulled up, I noticed they had some kind of strange device attached to the top of their car. It turned out to be what they called a Rail Rider, basically a self-built go kart specially designed to run on abandoned railroad tracks. I’ve seen a few of these vehicles online, but they were all pedal powered. This one was powered by a Honda motor, and boasted speeds of up to 30 mph.

Greg and Troy were nice enough to take me along on their adventure the next day. While we didn’t get to go as high up into the mountains as we’d hoped (no train tunnels — dang!), it still made for an excellent adventure, and I can’t thank them enough for helping me knock one more item off my bucket list. Check out the video to see the entire adventure.

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