Hat tip to My Life at Speed-er, Mathias Elfert for the link!

The globe of death is a circus and carnival stunt where as many as eight performers ride motorcycles inside a mesh sphere simultaneously. It is similar to the wall of death, but in this act riders can loop vertically as well as horizontally.  The youngest recorded person to ride a motorcycle in the globe of death is Maximus Garcia who was four years, six months, and 28 days old on August 16, 2006. The only World Record recognized by the Guinness book was 6 riders and one person in the center by the Infernal Varanne team.

Claudio Rodrigues is the oldest Brazilian globe rider and he is still riding in the globe.

Leo Garcia of the Garcia Family Thrill Riders designed and built the very first (horizontal) Triple Splitting Globe of Death in 2006. This Globe is the only one of its kind that hydraulically lifts 5 ft off the ground and splits/separates into three (3) sections while the Garcia Thrill Riders race their motorcycles in the center piece with a 4 ft gap underneath them. During this operation, the entire sphere lifts at over 23 ft high.