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Five Minutes With John Pangilinan and The Hyundai Adventuremobile

John walks us through his 4th build for the Korean Car Maker

John Pangilinan gives us the details on his latest build for Hyundai.  The Tucson Adventuremobile.


It’s not every day that you see modified Hyundai Tucsons.  As a matter of fact you may have never seen a modified Tucson before now.  Having owned a Hyundai myself, and having raced against a handful more, I know that Hyundai makes a good quality product that lends itself to modification.  They are a reasonably inexpensive platform to start with, can make reliable power with the right mods, and when you get through the build there probably won’t be any other vehicles on the road quite like it.  And if you manage to damage your Hyundai, replacement parts tend to be pretty easy on the wallet.  Those are all good reasons to consider Hyundai when you start your next project.

What John has done is really very unique – even for a Hyundai.  Check out the awesome detail here, including color matched seat belts, the slick looking light bar on the roof, the lock-box in the cargo area…all really great very well thought out improvements to an already fun vehicle.

John clued me in on this project early last year and I could not wait to get a look at the finished result.  After seeing it in person at this past years SEMA show, I can tell you that it was worth the wait.  Like you’ll hear me say in the video, John hit a home run with this project.

And a few photos of John and the Adventuremobile.

John Pangalinan speaks with the media.
John Pangalinan speaks with the media.
The Adventuremobile with rooftop tent displayed.
The Adventuremobile with rooftop tent displayed.
The Adventuremobile was unveiled at SEMA, 2015.
The Adventuremobile was unveiled at SEMA, 2015.

Big thanks to John for showing us around his latest creation.  We’re definitely looking forward to what he has on tap for 2016!


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