Nick Geddes is a downhill mountain bike rider from Whistler, British Columbia, who fell ill during a competition and was unexpectedly diagnosed with leukemia. This short film by Leo Zuckerman chronicles how Nick and his family dealt with the illness, including his grueling cancer treatment and journey back to the pro circuit.

Vimeo Description by Leo Zuckerman:

More than a few late nights and weekends ago, Nick and I set out to make this little film. As an intermittent project, it had it’s challenges, but Nick’s an inspiring dude, and we’ve done our best to represent his story through this short vignette. Enjoy.



Nick Geddes
Bill Geddes
Lisa Geddes


Jonah Zuckerman
Tom McCarthy
Tristan Merrick
Kieran Collery
Matt Dennison
Pasha Eshghi
Nathan Starzynski
Tim Saylor
Florina Beglinger
Patrick Skinner
Chris Borchert
Geoff Lister
Mike Crowe
Chris McLeod


Rinzler – Daft Punk
Imagine The Fire – Hans Zimmer
The End – Hans Zimmer
The Way – Zack Hemsey
What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World – Hans Zimmer

Elixir - The Nick Geddes Story
Screenshot from Elixir (Photo Credit: Leo Zuckerman)