YouTube Description: Is it possible to make a drift-choreography in a rotary traffic?

The folks at BMW M235i took some Hollywood’s best stunt drivers and added the same amount of BMW M235i cars. The result: About 90 seconds of driving pleasure and smoking tires.

Please note that all these driving-scenes are real. To avoid accidents, we had to block the road.

Behind the Scenes
It took some days of preparation to make the Epic Driftmob. Have a look behind the scenes to see how the professional stunt driver like Riley Harper, Rhys Millen, Samuel Hübinette, Conrad Grunewald, Rich Rutherford, or Dai Yoshihara prepare for this event.

Rhys Millen Becomes Acquainted with the BMW M235i

During the preparation for the Epic Driftmob, the drift champion Rhys Millen had some time to become acquainted with the BMW M235i. Take a round with him on a test track and let Rhys explain the drift-characteristics of this car.