Red Bull’s Pro Street Trials rider, Danny MacAskill has released a new video in the Imaginate series that showcases his exceptional skills with a bicycle but in a completely unexpected setting.  Unlike past videos where he’s gone to different locales and utilized urban terrain, this time he’s in a room full of life-sized replica toys from his childhood.  At just over seven minutes long, you may consider passing up on this video, but I urge you not to.  Danny pulls off some amazing tricks without the help of CGI or a harness.  From the blooper reel in the end credits, perhaps a wire harness might not have been a bad idea.

If you would like to see behind-the-scenes footage; then head over to the Imaginate official site for a replay of the video with clickable vignettes on the film’s production.  Hat tip to My Life at Speeder Sam Sala for making sure that this new classic didn’t fall below our radar.