June 29, 2015


(Colorado Springs, CO) –Dallenbach Racing sponsored by Famous Dave’s of Colorado Springs, Alpine Bank, BRM, and Hoosier Racing Tires is pleased to announce Dallenbach’s 1stplace win in the Open Wheel division as well as 3rd place finish overall with a time of 9:36:496. Breaking the Open Wheel Division record by 19 seconds, as well as being the fastest gas powered race car on the mountain.

The morning started out like any other Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race morning, the crew began prepping the car while Dallenbach rested in preparation for his trip to the summit. After qualifying third on Thursday, that meant Dallenbach had the opportunity to run the car in the morning and before the weather turned bad. By mid afternoon the clouds rolled in and opened up on the mountain, producing everything from rain and lightening to several inches of hail at the summit.


Due to the weather, race officials determined that the course was to be shortened to Glen Cove. Meaning all remaining cars would not get to complete the whole course. With this change,it meant that the times to determine the class podium finishers would now be based on the time it took to get to Glen Cove. This change would go on to not effect the finish position for Dallenbach.


“Right now results are still unofficial, although, we wont the class and 3rd overall no matter what. In the full run we broke the record by 19 seconds but still I feel I left a little on the table,” stated Dallenbach when asked about the results. ” The car was perfect on the bottom part of the course. I started to pick up a bit of oversteer on the car about half way up. I thought it was a problem with the car but it turned out everyone had handling issues so I just the road was slick.”

“I would like to thank everyone at Loophole Racing for the hard work and being highly motivated after breaking down in last years race,” said Dallenbach during his victory speech.


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