His name is Bond. James Bond. The British secret agent with a license to kill has been thrilling movie audiences since Dr. No in 1962. The series is famous for intrigue, espionage, exotic locales, beautiful Bond girls and spectacular action sequences all featuring charismatic lead actors. Action films have come a long way since the early films. As movie audiences’ tastes have evolved Mr. Bond’s escapades have as well. We’re not content to see Mr. Bond shimmy a steering wheel in a way that defies how cars are driven while a projector image plays behind him. We want to feel like they’re going from zero to sixty, feeling every second of the danger along with 007.

Quantum of Solace delivered that and more in the pre-opening credits car chase. Stunt Coordinator Gary Powell is the main man behind this masterpiece. You might say that Powell has Bond in his blood since generations of his family have worked on the films. According to IMDB, he was Pierce Brosnan’s double. His brother, Gary, did stunts for Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton. While Dad Nosher and Uncle Dinny both stood in for Sean Connery. Could you imagine their stories at the dinner table?

This is the first sequel in the franchise’s history and directly follows the final scene of Casino Royale (2006). We’re not going to tell you what happened just rent it and you’re welcome. That film established that Daniel Craig’s James Bond can fight and this one makes sure everybody knows the blond Bond can drive too. No hidden rocket launchers, oil slicks, invisibility camouflage or sudden transformations into a submarine in this Aston Martin DBS. James Bond takes out the baddies with nerves of steel, a heavy right foot and a machine gun in his hand – not popping out of the bodywork. So maximise the screen, turn up the volume and enjoy!

For more about Powell’s work on the film, check out his interview with Motor Trend: http://ow.ly/HtmnO.

Featured Image Source: http://iansadler.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/musings-on-bond-at-50-quantum-of-solace/ (Photo Credit: Susie Allnutt for Columbia Pictures)