About Camden Thrasher: After attending Champ Car and American Le Mans Series races in 2000, I became extremely interested in motorsports, especially endurance sportscar racing. A few years later, after teaching myself how to use an SLR camera, I asked myself a question: “How do I capture the story and emotion of man and machine at speed in a still image?”

Ever since I asked myself this, I have been on a quest to continually develop unique answers to this question.

Growing up very close to Portland International Raceway gave me very easy access to an arena to develop my photography. I began to work closely with local teams and drivers, quickly learning the ins and outs of a wide range of motorsports from sportscars and superbikes, to rally and drifting. The grassroots motorsports experience led to work with larger clients in top-level professional race series, as well as assisting world renowned motorsport photographers at large events.

Here is a 2013 Year in Review from DRIVE TV, using only Camden’s images. Enjoy!