With more than 300 members from 175 cities spanning 11 countries, the Brit Iron Rebels is a worldwide organization celebrating the retro style of the Rockers of the 50’s and 60’s in Great Britain.

Members are organized into regional “clans,” all focused on the preservation, restoration, and promotion of true classic and retro styled British motorcycles, their related events, discussions, and camaraderie between people around the world who share a passion for the same.

Brit Iron Rebels LA Clan membership encompasses all classic and retro British motorcycle enthusiasts: the collector, the purist, the racer, and radical customizer.  Together we create a network of contacts, ideas, friendships and enthusiasm essential to ride and appreciate classic British motorcycles.

iKuztom is a brand new 30 min TV show produced by Leomark Studios and GripAce.  The Brit Iron Rebels thanks Erik Lundmark of Leomark for the opportunity. We had a blast!


Filmed in Los Angeles in 2011, this segment from iKuztom features the Brit Iron Rebels.