There has been some talk as to whether or not the driving is real. It is. I did the stunts for this shoot, a shoot right before Pikes Peak. One of the most enjoyable shoots I have driven on!!! Here are both parts, one and two, of the series. Here is a link to another article about the commercials.

I am also working on my Pikes Peak race recap – finally had a chance to look at my helmet cam, it was a big hit. I just hit some oil and the bike just slid right out from under me. No wonder the radio reports said that they didn’t know where I was. I ended up way down in one of the culverts by the road. Alexander Smith and Glenn Cox passed the bike, but there is no way they saw me.

I am doing well and healing fast – anxious to let you My Life at Speed fans check out my account of my crash. Until then, have a very happy and safe 4th of July. GT