Just when I thought we’d seen everything, the photo of a tractor with five engines appeared on my Facebook homepage.  Out of sheer curiosity and my favorite search engine, the world of Tractor Pulling was revealed before my eyes.  How is it that I’ve never heard of this before?  Also known as power pulling, this sport is like a drag race but instead of seeing which vehicle is fastest, the judging criterion includes which vehicle is strongest.  A souped-up tractor must pull a sledge carrying a heavy load (sometimes another tractor).  The victor has pulled a sledge the furthest distance.

They’re big, loud, ridiculous and in a way – completely awesome.  Tractor Pulling is an organized and international sport complete with associations, scheduled events, diehard fans and awards.  More power to them.

Tractor Pulling: Hot Iron
Hot Iron from the Tractor Pulling Eurocup Kollerschlag in Austria (http://pullingworld.blogspot.com)