YouTube Description: Millions of dollars, thousands of hours, hundreds of teams and it all boils down to thirty-six hour test of endurance, equipment, teamwork, skill and stamina. Welcome to the granddaddy of all desert races – the legendary SCORE International BAJA 1000.

BAJA 1000 – The New Era of SCORE International documents the 46th annual 2013 TECATE SCORE BAJA 1000. The film focuses on top contenders in the Trophy Truck class, as well as three top unlimited motorcycle teams. Capturing roll-over crashes, near-deadly collisions, BJ Baldwin’s tremendous back-to-back ironman victory of the race, and the previously untold story of Kurt Caselli’s passing, an emotional rollercoaster, this film has it all. It is the perfect balance of entertainment, education, excitement, and emotion—a must-see for any motorsports racing enthusiast.