While waiting for the Rallycross season to begin, Anton spends his time enjoying the beautiful frosty scenery of Northern Sweden as he helps his fellow Northerners “clear some snow”.

In 2013 Anton would also compete in the Global Rallycross Championship Series. Though he only began racing at age 15, Marklund has already amassed an incredible resume in various levels of Rallycross racing. In his first full season of international racing, he scored a championship in the European Touring Car class, scoring two race victories and adding six second-place finishes. This was his first year of racing a Supercar.

From his website

Born in december 1992 into a family with an extraordinary interest for motor sports, Anton Marklund picked up on engines and vehicles at an early age. His first driving experience was actually with an all terrain 4-wheeler by the age of 2.5 years…

And as the twig is bent, so grows the tree. There is hardly any kind of motorized type of vehicle this young man hasn’t tried. From motorcycles to heavy construction equipment and even mining machines of all shapes and sizes.

But the all important interest has for all years been Rallycross. Starting at the age of 15, Anton has steadily advanced through the divisions. As a 17 year old he ended up in fourth place being the only underaged driver in the 2150 cup.

Last year was the first season he drove in the Touring Car class and he became European champion with the results

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