One would think that after two very successful years at Pikes Peak Yokohama, wouldn’t feel the need to prove themselves any further. However, the team is not resting on is laurels. Yokohama and its HER-02 electric vehicle are once again entered in the 2011 Race To the Clouds. The team is proving year after year that electric is a great, if not sometimes better power source to have on the peak than racing fuel. By the time vehicles climb to the 14,110 ft summit, valuable horsepower and stamina is lost. Except when the vehicle is powered by an electric energy source. This fact could be the one that helps the electric vehicle class grow on Pikes Peak. When the Race to the Clouds first started times were in the 20-15 min range. Over the years technology, and engineering gradually progressed to produce cars capable of times around 13-10min range.

If electric vehicle technology progresses every year, and more teams get involved, the times will likely fall just like they did with fossil fuel powered machines.

Check out the video below showing Yokohama testing its HER-02 before it gets shipped off to America.

Nissan has entered an all stock 2011 Leaf in the race to compete against Yokohama’s EV, but if Nissan wants to win, a little more power and finesse may be needed.  -Colin Brandt

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