I am super excited that my brother Gary, is racing in Belgium this weekend in the Voo Superbiker 2012. It is the biggest Supermoto race in the world.  He will be sending updates!! Way to go Gary!! Super proud of you and wish I could be there to cheer you on!! – GT

The History of the Voo Superviker
25 Superbikers

At the dawn of the 80s, the Royal Motor Union Entre Sambre et Meuse (RUMESM) organized almost all the motorcycle sporting events of international repute. But times change, the motocross Bosseuses went to the door and we must recognize that it is becoming increasingly difficult to bring large international champions in the Grand Trophy Speed. Side of RUMESM, we understand that to keep the aura of the club, you must add a new event to the calendar.

Then a new discipline arrived in Europe from the United States. Michael Fievet and Freddy Tacheny are very interested. This new discipline is the “Supermoto” challenging drivers from all disciplines on a journey into both the speed and motocross.

The idea was good, since 2012 will see the establishment of the VOO Superbiker 26th.  An event which over the years, proved to be the largest organized motorcycle racing in Belgium.

Superbiker’s reputation went far beyond our borders and those of Europe. Even in the United States specialists know this event like no other, held in a small town in Belgium.