It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Touring Car driver Robb Holland.  When we did the feature on Robb earlier this year, we talked about all the things Robb has managed to accomplish in his relatively short career behind the wheel.  Many top shelf drivers grow up at the track and some, it seems, are even born for the specific purpose of being a racing super star.  Prime examples being guys like Formula One Champion Sebastian Vettel, and Michael Schumacher before him.  But Robb, though he has spent his life as an athlete, entered the fray much later than your typical racing standout — into his thirties, to be precise.  Robb has added to his list of accomplishments since we last spoke and has further solidified his position as one of Americas top Touring Car drivers.Check out this video interview we did with Robb at the SEMA show in Las Vegas earlier in November.  The video was Shot and Edited by our good friend Joshua Herron.  Keep your eyes peeled for a “Shoot the Shooter” article featuring Josh very soon, as well.

Here’s Josh getting some “B” Roll footage after the interview as Robb looks on.

Robb at the WTCC event at Race Sonoma.

Robb before his Sunday Race at WTCC.  “I think Black and White really captures the moment, don’t you…?” (if you recall the movie, you are awesome)

Taking to the Track in his WTCC Ride: The Chevy Cruze.

Discussing the test session with the Team Principle.

Robb hanging out with our My Life at SPEED leader, Greg Trachy.

See you next time kids!

Written by Ken Stouffer

Ken Stouffer

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