Triumph Motorcycles have been around since the very first one (No. 1) was produced in 1902.  It was the favorite of icons like Steve McQueen and classic models may always be the very definition of cool.  Triumph North America’s 2013 highlight reel of is a feast for the eyes and gets the heart pounding with anticipation for the new year.

YouTube Description:
2013 was another break out year for Triumph North America. Fielding formidable race bikes in AMA Road Racing, AMA Flat track, and FIM Land Speed Racing, as well as driving several of the biggest independent extreme motorcycling video productions of 2013. Triumph is aggressively taking strides to reclaim it’s title of “World’s Fastest.”

Featuring Triumph Riders:
#21 Elena Myers
#91 Mikey Martin
#40 Jason DiSalvo
#50 Bobby Fong
#7 Nick Apex
#21 Ernie Vigil
#42 Kenny Reidmann
#10 Johnny Lewis

Directed and Edited by:
Matthew Sanders

Sky Pinnick, Tom Frisch, Byron Garth, Matthew Sanders, Manny Nieto

Sky Pinnick

Eric Hameister

“Pinderjeet” – Kill ’em Mister