Sorry for this being so late, I have been quiet for a while due to car prep for the Circuit Retro.  Work being absolutely chaotic at this time of year and of course, attending events being held up and down the country.  Well due to the lack of an entry on my part, I was invited to marshal at the Peak Performance Motor Club multi-venue auto-test.  Anyway, I donned my branded pete-moore and MyLife@Speed gear, grabbed the camera bag and jumped in the car in a rush after an unplanned lie in.

As for marshalling, well, that didn’t happen.  Instead I twisted my own arm into my first real attempt at this video malarkey.  I will be the first to admit it’s crap, but we’ve got to start somewhere; and hopefully it shows you a good overview of how competitive it is.  At the same time, I hope it shows how welcoming both the club and the sport itself are to all levels of ability; and as such there are classes to support everyone interested, in one of the cheapest forms of motorsport on the planet.

Well the weather was good to us, and the club wish to extend a HUGE thank you to all land owners, marshals and competitors for making it such a wonderful day. To top it off the proceeds from the event are all heading straight to FRIENDS OF CANCER CENTRE and the NORTHERN IRELAND CHILDREN’S HOSPICE.

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