“The Ducati girls 2008″

It was so great to have Ducati step up and supply the Ducati Spider Grips team with clothes for our day on the Hill. It was also great to have two beautiful Ducati Girls as part of our effort.  It was so great to see a factory team effort up on the Mountain and to have Ducati support all of us on the Ducati Spider Grips team, well that was incredible.  I felt like we were at Ducati Island at Laguna Seca – but this was better – we were up on Pikes Peak.

It was a long, long day.  More than 7 red flags….more than I had ever seen on the mountain in all of my years racing up there.  The whole day had such an odd feeling.  Although I was super excited to be on such a great machine, the Ducati Hypermotard, the weather was hot and I could tell that the conditions where getting to some of my competitors. I had to just suck it up, hang out with the pretty Ducati girls, and keep my focus.  I’m good at that…focus.

The bike performed so well and we are so excited to have shown the world that a Ducati could perform extremely well in the dirt and on the pavement.  I won the 1200cc class and can’t wait for the next time to race a Ducati on Pikes Peak. They say they are coming back – that would be awesome.

Now for what all race fans really want to see – Ducati Girls.  Ahhhh….the perks.

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