Music isn’t just the sounds we hear, the beats we bop to, or the words we sing. Music is the feelings evoked and the emotions experienced by one of the oldest traditions in art. You might think you’ve heard your favorite song a million times… but how much of what the artist wanted you to hear are you actually getting?

Jacob Rosenberg teamed up with today’s most popular and well respected artists in the business to expose the truth about what gets lost in translation between the recording studio and your earbuds.

The Distortion of Sound is a documentary about the decline of sound quality and how technology has changed the way we listen to music. It will open your ears and inspire you to reach for richer, more soul-stirring musical experiences.

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Mike Shinoda • Slash • Quincy Jones • Snoop Dogg • Steve Aoki • Hans Zimmer • Andrew Scheps • Manny Marroquin • Dan the Automator • Lianne La Havas • Kate Nash • A.R. Rahman • Neil Strauss • Chris Ludwig • Greg Timbers • Dr. Sean Olive