Pike Peak Hill Climb Racer Glenn Cox’s on board footage with a My Life at SPEED sticker proudly in view.

On the start Alexander Smith makes a daring pass on the left with very little pavement remaining.

Glenn and Alexander had a great battle the whole race.  Glenn has the cornering speed to close in on Alexander, squaring off the corners in the “W’s” but his 990 cc KTM Super Duke just does not have the horsepower the 1200cc Mutlistrada has to make the pass.

Glenn had a couple “moments” almost going down nearly tucking in the front wheel on the last remaining dirt section but kept the short wheel based Super Duke up right.

From Glenn Cox:  Lucky 13, racing Greg Tracy and Alexander Smith on their Spider Grips 1200cc Ducati Multistradas. Greg gets the hole shot and pulls away before unfortunately crashing hard for a DNF. Too bad, as I’m sure he was on his way to another world record. I chase Alexander all the way, but my 990 just can’t make the pull to get around his perfect lines and mega horsepower. He easily pulled me on every straight. I slowed too much for the oil slick at Bottomless Pit and he pulled be by two seconds on the top section. Still my best race ever (if not my best finish).
Of the 92 riders in all divisions, my time ranked 13th fastest overall…

Lucky 13

Pos Rider # Time
1 Carlin Dunne 5 11:11.329
2 Jeff Grace 97 12:02.510
3 Alexander Smith 55 12:12.920
4 Glenn Cox 13 12:15.000
5 Jeff Jensen 500 13:06.000
DNF Mark Cernicky 50 DNF
DNF Bob Milewsky 106 DNF
DNF Greg Tracy 555 DNF