Just amassed a few videos from the past season and wanted to share them.  One is the official SRA-West 2012 promo (the series I normally race with) which we make several appearances in.  Second is a video a stand-in passenger, Nathan Urbanovsky, made from some practice footage on a helmet mounted Go Pro at the Las Vegas Classic Course.  Gives a fair idea of how manic it is as a passenger.  The third is the RBK-F1 promotional video, featuring the more high-dollar British Sidecar Championship.  Shows just how much they raise the bar over there.  I really need to compete over there to get to the next level. Anyway, here we go:

SRA West compilation commercial:

This is a video of my second practice on a sidecar with Team Johnny Killmore. I got the hang of it pretty quick. I was wore out after this weekend but was well worth it. Thanks to John Wood for giving me the chance!

Check out: http://www.sra-west.us/

RKB-F1 Promotional Video: