I happened to see a photo of a super cute, red headed little girl on Savannah Rickli’s site. I quickly realized that she was in line to get an autograph from one of her heroes – Rhys Millen. I asked her about it and it wasn’t just Rhys she has a picture of – she had lots!! But the Rhys Millen and a photo with Jeff Zwart certainly stood out. Here is what else she had to say about the photos. CNAZ.

Savannah getting Jeff Zwart's autograph
Savannah getting Jeff Zwart’s autograph

I loved meeting all of the drivers, as a little girl. Every year (expect for one year that we were at Devil’s Playground) we would watch the race at 8 mile which was just about a mile from the start line. We would show up on Race Morning, park at 8 mile and then walk down the mountain to get a glimpse (and maybe an autograph) from the drivers. I would always remember the night before the race getting all of my sharpie markers ready to go. I had, and continue to have, so much respect for the drivers like Rhys and Jeff.

I thought that they were the coolest people. It was fun watching legends like them return to the peak year after year. As a spectator you started to feel a connection to them, you really wanted them to do well. I think that it wasn’t until recently that I fully realized how fortunate I was to have the chance to meet and talk to drivers like them at such a young age. It’s definitely their kindness and passion that fueled my drive to race on Pikes Peak. Even now, it’s still quite humbling to think about the fact that I’m racing against them. Their continued support means the world to me.

It has been quite the weekend for racing! I’ve watched Monaco, Indy, and the Coca Cola 600! I enjoyed watching parts of the Hot Wheels after the Indy. Way cool!

Things with the Hollywood Sponsor are progressing smoothly. We are getting close to being ready to release some information. I’m so excited about it though. The car, however, is in the shop getting a new body wrap. 😉  – Savannah Rickli