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Rocky Mountain Rally 2014 Highlights

Rocky Mountain Rally 2014

YouTube Description: Action highlights from the 2014 Rocky Mountain Rally, round 5 of the Canadian Rally Championship, held in Invermere, British Columbia.

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The Canadian Rally Championship is comprised of six events held nationwide in a season that extends from February to November. The series is presented by Subaru Canada, supported by Yokohama Tire Canada and features a contingency program from Subaru Canada. The Canadian Association of Rallysport (CARS) is the official sanctioning body for rallying in Canada.

Written by Colin Brandt

Colin Brandt

I am an overall gearhead, rallyfan, and automotive enthusiast. In my mind the PPIHC is America's last great automotive event, and stage rally is closer to Nascar's roots than Nascar is to Nascar's roots. In other words, I will not be posting anything remotely related to going around in circles. Real men...and women drive sideways, and jump through dirt, tarmac, snow, wind and rain. ;) Oh and one last thing, "IF IN DOUBT, FLAT OUT!!" -Colin Mcrae

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