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Rhys Millen Full POV Run At Pikes Peak – Full Engine Sounds

YouTube Description: Check out Rhys Millen‘s POV footage from his Pikes Peak run at King Of The Peak 2013. Millen would have an incredible time of 9.02, but not break the elusive under 9 minute mark. The only competitor to run an under 9 minute time, is Sébastien Loeb for Peugeot. I imagine that Rhys Millen, plus others will be going for the under 9 mark next year.

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  1. What he’ll need to get close to Loeb’s time next year is 4-wheel drive, paddle shifting, and slightly more horsepower.

    • i think it is not about the paddle shift, more horsepower or four wheel drive, the french man is just more skillful, loeb if you see the vid of him climbing up was even being conservative with pushing the car

  2. Thomas E – It will be quite the year in 2014 at Pikes Peak! It was crazy to see how fast the electric cars were too – they unfortunately had Mother Nature impede their attempt at not only an under 10 minute time, but possibly an under 9. Rhys was so close to the under 9 mark – you wonder if he was happy or frustrated when he received his final time! Thanks for the comment!!

  3. I think it would have been pretty difficult for Rhys, when he has been competing for so long for Loeb to come in and steal all the recognition and smash his record on his first attempt.

    Thanks for the well written article and link to the vid!

  4. loeb is just in a very different league than anyone else [and also all WRC and group B champions]

  5. Dennison – agreed…crazy year and Daryl A – it was INCREDIBLE to watch Loeb first hand. I was one of the people that hoped that maybe mother nature….something would “do” what Pikes Peak does to so many, but honestly, I was honored to see his talent. He didn’t have one misstep the entire week. I know a lot of money went behind his effort – but he truly (IMO) is one of the greatest racers ever.

  6. For Loeb to attempt the Pikes Peak event shows how high he holds the event in is mind, I am sure like most of die hard Rallying fans here in Europe he grew up & saw the same classic Video’s made by Audi & Peugeot. I myself remember the first attempts at Pikes Peak as I was just getting into rallying as it was then. In the last two years of the old Group B class . Back then it was only in the Motorsport new mags only saw the Peugeot film much later, so I was really excited to see it live & even though the coverage was not the best it was still a joy to see the place.

    Loeb for most of us in Europe is from a different planet he came into rallying like a lighting bolt winning at all levals from the French junior class through to the 9 WRC championships he as to his name alone also with a 2nd place in the Le,Mans 24hrs race at is first attempt in a private entered team. he is just pure talent.

    You should all look up some of the incar stuff from his rallying time it is magic, on youtube.

    I think Peugeot made a amazing car from off the shelf parts that they had left over from other racing projects in 4 months & with only 15 people & to win first time out says a lot for them, as it as been troubled times for Peugeot cars sales world wide, last year they had to drop out of the the Le, Mans series racing after money issues took hold so this win was a big boost.

    The incar for me is standard Loeb he always drive like most of us do going to the shop’s there is no effort he is so smooth even when he is on the limit it still looks like a very fast Sunday drive.

    Rhys I love the car it sounded good I think better than the 208 T16 did. was it only 2WD ? yes I agree that he need 4WD next year & maybe look into some under body ground effects like the 208 used , His was moving around a lot more than the 208 which seemed to have unlimited grip.

    I missed the Electric cars due to Redbull TV only Streming up to Loeb & Rhys after that they cut the feed.

    But the event is a classic even with it been all paved now its just a different thing now. as for the future, will the like’s of Audi make a return now that Peugeot have the record after all , for three years in the 80 these two make battled it our for wins at the Peak , will Loeb return maybe not next year as he is moving into Touring car racing here for Peugeots sister company Citroën so I doubt will have the time to return to defend the record.

    I do look forwards to seing the event grow & be seen more around the world.Thanks for such an amazing event.

    • John Spooner – thank you so much for your detailed response!!! If you ever want to write a guest post for My Life at Speed – please let me know!! CNaz!!

  7. After watching both videos of Rhys and Loeb,
    I must say Loeb is a rare breed. He’s skillful, daring and seems to be busy inside for the entire race. Whereas Rhys seems to be more relaxed or I might say a bit cautious approaching corners or maybe because of his smaller steering, 2 wheels drive?
    Anyway those guys who placed those cameras there gave us an opportunity to see how fast is fast racing through the clouds!
    Thanks everyone for making this possible! God bless you all!

    • Dominic- the video capability today is really amazing. A few years ago, we were putting Canon 5D’s in cars to get the quality. It is so incredible to look back at the original Climb Dance – I need to push that one to the top again, so watch for it by tomorrow on the front page.