YouTube Description: This is what Jim Clark had to say after the jump.

“The car went on the limiter on the crest and that’s 220 KPH! When we landed we were both winded and the shockers burst that’s what caused the fire, the boot and rear quarters are bent down about 6 inches Never again I am in so much pain today. Apparently the record length jump set on a rally is 57 metre`s we must of been close to that? …. and he later added this: “It was one small step for mankind” They say no “pain no gain” and this is true cost I am going to gain a canny bill for the repairs. The bottom line is we are both going to recover and that’s all that matters Thumbs Up!!

On a lighter note; when i was in A+E the doctor came in and asked what had happened. I explained it went like this; I was doing 220KPH down the road, he said what type of road, i said single track back road.Then I took off on a jump and flew 60 metres and landed heavily… He said

“your in the wrong hospital mate the mental hospital is 5 miles up the road”