We have been working hard on the car and it has been a ton of work.  When you start with a 40 year-old car, you never know exactly what you are getting.  We have been replacing rust sections, we have been finding little patches of bondo and we have basically been making the car solid; but we are nearly ready to start actually making it a race car.

In January the car heads up to Built by Bones, where we will be working with Grant Barclay on the installation and fabrication of the cage. In the mean time we have been busy updating some of our video Webisodes and we wanted to share those with you guys as well.

First we have a little introduction to the project from our team

Second we have a nice little overview from our guys. We had a lot of fun making this one.

We are a bit slow in the shop through the holidays and waiting on our trans mount to be cut right now, but we wanted to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday season. Also, as always, check out more details on our project on projectbaja.com or follow us on Facebook.