What will happen when a sea of rookies takes on the PPIHC this year?  Well in 1995 some rookies faced the mountain in its ugliest state.   Wind, rain, snow, mud, and ice were just a few of the factors in the 1995 PPIHC.  The weather was so bad during the 1995 race week, that race officials only ran the event to devils playground.  Though this year’s hill climb will be all tarmac, any change in weather will still be a huge part of the event.

1995 IMSA SuperCar Pikes Peak International Hillclimb Edit 1. There are two uploads of this race because I have two different versions of editing at the 9:20 mark.  These videos were made possible by racers, crew members, race fans, etc. who have loaned me their videos for conversion to DVD.  Please contact me if you have any videos from these race series that you would be willing to loan out for conversion to DVD.

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