Vimeo Description: It was just my brother and me traveling to the Nürburgring with two Cams, four lenses and a tripod on the backseat. Intention was to capture the atmosphere, the tension and the incredible challenge for teams and drivers. Back home, the two of us did all the editing, sound design, color correction and artwork.

Congratulations to the Schnitzer BMW Team! Watch this film also on​24h.

A STEREOSCREEN production​stereoscreen


Here´s the track list:

The whole thing starts with “Hoppipolla!” by Sigur Ros. Then phenomenal Hecq with “Dayout”. I also used “Holler” and “FdK”. Hecq is incredible good to cut on and does a lot of sounddesign – check out his page… Cinematic Orchestra leads into the night with “Reel Life”. I used also Architect with “Fast Lane” and “Pissed in the Morning”. Télépopmusik with mellow “Don´t Look Back” for the night. Ben Folds Five “Brick” at 6 A.M. Last track is Gonzales with “The Tourist”. Guess that´s it as far as I remember…