A motorbike rider bizarrely faked injury in an attempt to stop a race after he crashed and could not get his bike restarted.  Marlinton dos Reis Teixeira, known by his nickname ‘Kalunga’, slid on a corner in rainy conditions during the Rio Grande do Sul State Moto Grand Prix in Brazil, causing his bike to stall.

Kalunga failed to get his bike to start and was losing valuable time. He then walked to the middle of the track and threw himself on the ground pretending to be badly injured in an attempt to get the race red-flagged.  Several riders passed their stricken competitor before some eventually stopped to give assistance.

Kalunga was placed on a stretcher and put in the back of an ambulance.  The MotoRacing Association of Rio Grande do Sul State later found out about Kalunga’s apparent fake injury and banned the rider from the championship.