Embarking on a 3 week motorcycle adventure tour around Europe, Jamie Robinson sets off from the centre of London on the Yamaha Super Tenere armed with a bag of clothes, his cameras and of course, his trusty tent.

This was to be a 2-wheeled adventure of very little planning, only a final destination and a motorcycle event to reach each weekend & a few thousand of miles and several European countries between each one.

The first leg was to ride out of the hustle and bustle of the England’s capital, catch a ferry across to Northern France and then ride the open roads and scenic routes down into sunny Spain where a round of the World Motocross Championship was being held in the motorcycling-mad old town of La Bañeza.

Jamie wears: Alpinestars Tech Touring
Durban Jacket
Durban Pants
Scout Boots

Artist: Paul Lisak & After The Ice
Song: Tripping

Artist: Royal Goulasch
Song: Mon salaud

Artist: Cerebal Pain
Song: Valkyria