Pikes Peak Champion, Nobhiro “Monster” Tajima, had a scary crash after his wing flies off his vehicle during his qualification run at The Race To The Sky in New Zealand.

Monster Tajima’s crumpled Toyota Super 86 after crashing out on turn four on Sunday.


Tajima’s accident was dramatic, but horrified fans watching on the big screen were quickly reassured he was OK.

Helicopters and ambulances scrambled to Tajima, who got out of the car and walked to the medics. Within 30 minutes, the eight-times champion and course record holder was back down the hill and signing autographs and posters for relieved fans. He and his team then packed up and left Cardrona Valley with the damaged car, just after 1.30pm.

Commentators were not sure of how the crash happened, but said it appeared the rear wing of the Toyota Super 86 came off, which the video below shows.


Photo credit: Robyn Edie/ Fairfax NZ