One of the most fun automotive escapades in the world you’ve probably never heard of is the Mongol Rally.  Teams leave a castle in Southern England the morning after an incredibly wild party and don’t stop until arriving at Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.  The special bit about the vehicles of choice is that they’re not supposed to be special at all.  In fact it would seem that worse is better.  The three classes are:

1) 4 Wheels of Semi-Wonder: cars with 1 liter engines
2) 2 Wheels of Destiny: motorcycles or preferably scooters with engines under 125cc
3) Comedy Exemption: the rules will be bent as long as your car looks absolutely ridiculous

There’s no route, no extra assistance, just points of departure and a destination.  So pack up your buddies, tools and supplies for the road trip of a lifetime!

Here’s the uncensored version of the official video following the Thundering Turbo, Motoring Monks & Khan Touch This.  We remind you once again that it’s uncensored: