Here at My Life at Speed, we watch a lot of online videos…purely for your benefit, of course.  This video caught my eye and I found out a bit about the team behind it.  King and Crown Media is the brainchild of Andy George Petrie from Toronto, Canada.  He’s been a filmmaker for seven years but has a deep passion for motorsports and car culture, especially the drifting scene.

“A really awesome driver from Las Vegas named Danny George invited me out to his place and go up to Irwindale Speedway, for the final round of Formula Drift 2012.  I was blown away by the sound, the tire smoke, the craziness of it all… I was hooked – Andy George Petrie, King and Crown Media

We know exactly how you feel, Andy.  Here’s their video capturing the sound, tire smoke and craziness from Formula Drift Road Atlanta.  Enjoy!