Kevin Russ | A Traveling Photographer from Max Monty on Vimeo.

Kevin Russ has been traveling throughout the great American west shooting landscape and wildlife solely with his iPhone 4s and 5. He rarely pulls out his DSLR unless it’s for a bear or bear cub where he can’t get close. This is just a small peek into his life as a traveling photographer and some stories that come along with it. His photography is an Instagram sensation.  Over the years, he has just become such an incredible and focused photographer, ranging from doing portraiture now to landscape photography. He is one of the most humble men you will ever meet and really shows that there is no secret to photography or getting an incredible image.

Some try to argue that instagram or an iPhone is not “true photography”.  I honestly have opinions on both sides of the argument but I have to go back to an artist that changed pop culture, art and challenged conversations of “what is art”. Could art be a fairy, a shoe or even a soup can? Andy Warhol changed what was perceived as “art” and I wonder if photographers such as Kevin Russ, using new tools, will challenge the traditionalists. I still ponder what will be the digital shoebox of the future. Is it Instagram? Who knows. All I know is that I could sit back and enjoy Kevin’s work. I hope you do too.