It’s Something Inside is a feature length documentary that will explore the spirit and soul of motorcycle racing in the United States. From grassroots racing through to the highest ranks in the United States, AMA Superbike, AMA Flat Track, and AMA Supermoto.

From the film maker:  Since the financial crisis hit, motorcycle racing has seen a rather large lull in numbers. Motorcycle racing needs to return to the successful days of the past. We need the crowds at the races and the viewership on TV that the sport used to achieve. With that comes a return of sponsorship money. I’m looking to find a way to show everyone the beautiful, elegant, sensational and bright world of road racing, in hopes to regenerate interest. I plan to develop a film which will excite people who have never before watched road racing, as well as bring pride to the people that participate in the sport on a daily basis. A return to the glory days is something i’d love to try to help accomplish.

Having said that its hard for indie films to break through the niche and into the mainstream, to be promoted outside motorcycling. Obviously that’s the holy grail, a theater deal, an ESPN documentary that gets aired on their networks etc. To even get there you have to show them what you’ve got. Prove your piece is worthy, more or less. My way of doing that will be pitching the film to every film festival that I can. Get some awards, and get seen by those that make those decisions. As a production company that’s not Warner Bros, MGM, Paramount, or Fox, that’s a challenge that takes far more money than what we are asking for or that can be reasonably raised here. Often times millions. I know we here at Shofner Films have the people and the talent to get this film noticed though, and that’s the first step.

Here is the trailer for the Kickstarter Campaign (click on the link to donate):

Vimeo Description: The first part of this video is our 2014 motorcycle reel, but we are using it here to highlight our work in the category to support our Kickstarter fund. The second is a bit about me and my experience in the sport, as well as to highlight our last successful Kickstarter campaign.

Please checkout our Kickstarter campaign page to support! Launched at 12PM on 2/24/14