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Isle of Man TT 2013 Sidecar Race Compilation

Day 1 Isle of Man TT 2013 Sidecar Race – Compilation

Congrats to Tim Reeves/Dan Sayle

Written by CNaz


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  1. Completely brilliant footage of what has to be the most exciting but under supported motor sport class in the world of motor sport.
    A very high standard of production for this video/doco. Full marks to the team.

    The riders and passengers are the real stars, not forgetting their support crews, who don’t usually make it in front of the cameras.

    Sidecar racing, really is the most exhilarating motor sport. It makes GP cars look like a parade. GP car drivers are snugly encased in a tailored capsule, the sidecar driver and passenger are fully exposed to the elements and the grueling, continual physical hammering that their bodies take, it’s amazing that they can concentrate on the job for so long.

    This is a great video from both sides of the camera lens.

    It is true, once you have tried this sport, you never forget it.

    There are moments in this doco that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.


    Iain Bell