Why randomly post a series of video’s showcasing the late great Colin Mcrae….How about why not? As far as I’m concerned, Colin Mcrae was the most exciting and most “balls out” drivers ever to compete in the World Rally Championship (WRC). Even though he only won the championship once, the impact that he had on the sport of rallying will never be forgotten, and for one reason. He went FLAT OUT his whole career, had an attitude of never giving up no matter what the circumstances may have been, and always created a show for the fans. In any type of entertainment sport you need someone like this. Maybe it is what the WRC has been missing lately.

Out of the thousands of video’s online showcasing Colin Mcrae, this set of “how to” videos show the true talent the man had behind the wheel.  Its almost like Colin became a part of the car when in competition

1.  WRC – Colin McRae – Pace Note Lessons

2. WRC – Colin McRae – Jump Lessons

3. WRC – Colin McRae – Oversteer & Understeer Lessons

4.WRC – Colin McRae – Power Slide Lessons

5.WRC – Colin McRae – Left-Foot Braking Lessons

6.WRC – Colin McRae – Scandinavian Flick & Handbrake Lessons

7.WRC – Colin McRae – Stage Starts & Finding Grip Lessons

Colin was, and still is one of my idols, and was for thousands of young people around the world.  I imagine he may have even been some sort of inspiration for a contributor or two on this very website.  Most important of all though is: he lived his life AT SPEED.

RIP Colin Mcrae.

WRC driver history video:     Greatest Drivers: Colin McRae