All of our Mothers deserve the very best.   They should be allowed to pass on in peace and reasonable comfort, surrounded by those that she has spent her life caring for and supporting.  And at the end, as the light begins to fade, the very best we can give her is the knowledge that we have loved her unconditionally, and that her death has not been – will not be – a burden.

Andrew Bohan is the founder of LifeBlasters, as well as having been a contributor here on My Life at Speed and the subject of a Shoot the Shooter feature.  More than that he has been a great friend to me since I met him a few years ago while shooting Formula Drift.  He works extremely hard as a photographer, a profession that keeps him away from family a staggering 200+ days per year and provides what most of us would consider a modest living wage.  He loves what he does, and is exceedingly good at it and, I feel, we are lucky that he shares his incredible photos for all of us to enjoy.

Right now, Drew and his Father are going through a situation I faced with my own Sainted Mother last year, and wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  He is watching his Mother deteriorate from terminal brain cancer.  All avenues of treatment have been exhausted, and her body has decided that it can no longer endure the pain and struggle that comes from, literally, fighting for your life.  Her sunset is here and, unfortunately, nothing more can be done to stop it.  She was recently brought home from the hospital so she can rest, and eventually pass, at home.  A familiar and comfortable environment where she can be visited often by friends and family.  Hospice care is being provided to help attend to her needs, as well as to administer medications needed for pain relief.

This is where we need your help.

Unfortunately, hospice care is not covered by insurance and their funds for being able to provide the care are quickly diminishing.  I’m asking for your help to ensure that a good man, a good friend, can keep the help needed to ensure that this good and decent woman can move on to the next place with dignity, while resting comfortably and in peace.

Drews Mom

ANY donation will help and will be sincerely appreciated by Drew and his family.  Please follow the link below to donate:

Thank you very much for your help.