AMA round 3 West Coast MotoJam – Infineon Raceway, an incident during Supersport Qualifying 2 on Saturday morning.  Rider: Genki Hagata #422.

From Genki Hagata,  in his own words:

“Saturday morning, in Qualifying 2, I came in to make a few suspension adjustments after about 4 laps, and as I went back out, the fun began.  I was on my out-lap and as I came up through Turn-3a, the tires didn’t agree with how much throttle and lean angle I was asking them for and the rear tire slipped out quickly. Just as quickly as it lost grip, it regained it, resulting in the bike catapulting me out of the seat and over the front tire! I remember thinking “This is going to hurt.” then thinking, “There’s NO way I’m going to crash…again!”  The next things that happened are only believable because there is video evidence!” – Genki Hagata

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