We are lucky with what we do and our “offices” that take us to some amazing places. From racetracks to mountain tops to deserts, we live life at speed. Lucky for us, we get to go to these places to hang out with great friends. Annual treks to far off places like the sleepy little town of Manitou Springs, Colorado for Pikes Peak, allow us to see our extended family – our racing family.

Pikes Peak was special this year. At our home away from home, The Rainbow Lodge, we had some new people that had come all the way from Reunion Island to race Pikes Peak. Where’s Reunion Island?? Well, it is a beautiful, tropical island that is 63 kilometres (39 mi) long; 45 kilometres (28 mi) wide; and covers 2,512 square kilometres (970 sq mi). A French island  located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar.

Although we didn’t speak French and their English was limited, we became fast friends. We soon found out that several members of the group had never been off the island…until they took the journey to Pikes Peak. Wow. Can you even imagine?

Here they were, Fabrice Lambert on a 5 year old Ducati and Eric Piscione attempting Pikes Peak for the very first time, hoping to just get to the top. They were going against big names, big funding, and very experienced riders. Who in the world could think that they would ever have podium finishes or even win. They were from a little, tiny tropical island. An island….and they came to race a mountain. A big, big mountain. Yep.

It is truly inspiring to see that privateer teams can still race and even win or podium at Pikes Peak. That’s what Pikes Peak has always been about. Anybody can race….and possibly win. Well, that’s exactly what our Reunion Island friends did. Eric Piscione would win the Pikes Peak Motorcycle Middleweight class and Fabrice Lambert would finish 2nd in the Pikes Peak Motorcycle Open class.  Champions! Yes indeed!

I have so much more to write and there are several articles in the works. For now, I will let the following video give you some more insight into the hearts of these incredible people.

To my friends:  Sabine, Eric, Denis, Fabrice, Patrick and Christophe I am proud to know you. I am even more proud to have My Life at Speed a part of your efforts. There are no words to truly express what it feels like to see our name associated with such talent. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being the best representatives and best friends. Lifetime friends.

Sabine, thank you my friend for your friendship and love. We will meet your donkey and dogs someday. Hopefully sooner than later. 🙂  Chris Naz.

Merci mes amis. Je vous envoie l’amour et la lumière. Nous nous reverrons.