As drivers, we understand the importance that support and friendship plays in racing. This past weekend, Fingers Crossed Racing was out in California at the Sonoma Raceway to spend time with My Life at Speed and support our close friend Greg Tracy. It can be exciting to hop into a race car yourself, but it is sometimes just as fun watching that experience from outside the driver’s seat.


The moment he arrived from the airport, Greg snapped a self-portrait with his iPhone while four photographers with professional cameras crowded around him. All of them asked to assist Greg and getting the perfect photo. “Nah, I like these better” he said.


Greg’s inner child came out, as he drooled over every small detail on the race prepped Maserati GranTurismo.  I can honestly say, Savannah and I drooled too. It is an incredible feeling being inside the garage area filled with Maseratis. It is the adrenaline-fueled, adult version of  “kids in the candy store”.


It was really rather difficult hiding the excitement ourselves, as the rows of these beautiful cars were slowly coming to life, with Maserati engineers, drivers, and families. Every now and then, a smooth bellowing roar of the Italian V8 would make everyone jump unexpectedly, and then let them set into a comfortable awe as the melodic idle note filled the large white tent.


With all the excitement, it didn’t take long for Greg to slip into his Hot Wheels Team Green race suit and his favorite reflective race shoes!


Everybody knows that when one speaks of Maserati, it is often of elegance and status (we’ll leave the Bi-Turbo out of this one); but these machines are truly impressive to watch as they power around the track, like art work flowing onto a canvas.


While we are on the subject of painting, there was some of that going on as well. Some let out some smoke and left their mark on the tarmac…


…while others figured the track could use some new landscaping.

As the weekend went on, Greg and Patrick were putting on a fantastic show, and consistently fighting their way through to gain positions.


As with many great things in life, the days went by way too fast and everything is over way too quick, however we were left with huge smiles, many great memories, and the warm feeling of new and existing friendships around us.


Thank you My Life at Speed, Greg Tracy, and Maserati for the opportunity of spending the weekend amongst such a great community.