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Giovanni Burlando’s Vision

Hat tip to Pikes Peak motorcycle champion, Eric Piscione, who shared this incredible video. Here is what Eric posted on FB in regard to the piece:

Waouu Giovanni, un homme immense, une humilité à la hauteur de son talent.
75 ans et encore très alerte sur une moto. Quand il parle moto il a les yeux qui pétillent, j’adore ce genre de gars  il me fait penser à mon défin Grand Père “Marcel Piscione”. Un génie de la mécanique et passionné .
Très belle vidéo. J’en ai la larme a l’oeil

Google translate: Wow Giovanni, a man immense, humility to live up to its talent.
75 years old and still very alert on a motorcycle. When he spoke moto he has the eyes that pétillent, I love this kind of guy. It makes me think of my défin grand father ‘ marcel piscione ‘. A genius of mechanics and passionate.
Very beautiful video. It brought a tear to my eye.


Vimeo Description:  The story of hills race told by Giovanni Burlando: 75 years old and about 850 contests raced with some of the best racers in the world such as Agostini and Pasolini. And then his workshop and his motorbikes: Ducati 250, Benelli 250, Aletta 125 and Motobi 250, each of them fixed by himself alone. Riding on the Doria-Creto path he tells about prizes, contests and his overwhelming passion for motorbikes.


Written by CNaz


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