The sport of sidecar racing is a niche in every country it is present. However, in the world of sidecar racing, The UK is certainly the hub. FIM World Sidecars run mainly on the European continent, but the field is rife with British. Even more telling is that the British F1 national championship rivals the FIM world level series. This video shows a big reason why. Round 6 of the British championship shows how close these teams race, how hard they race, and what a sidecar truly looks like on the edge of performance, lap after lap.

Unlike the sprint racing done in the US, World and British F1 drivers are often at the limit for 30-45 minutes, requiring insane physical endurance and even more time with the outfit up on the jack stands being looked after. This is the pinnacle of short circuit sidecar racing, so give it a watch. If you don’t have time for the whole program, you definitely do not want to miss the beginning or the end. They both go in an unexpected direction. But then, the unexpected is to be expected when it comes to going fast on three wheels.

Written by Johnny Killmore

Johnny Killmore is a Formula sidecar and motorcycle racer who lives in the Bay Area of California. Fascinated at a young age by machines, Johnny is most comfortable at race tracks, garages, or far away places astride a motorcycle. Having cultivated a life revolving around speed, racing is a natural extension of that.

Johnny is also a great story teller so it follows naturally that he would share his adventures and report on the adventures of others. Having formally studied journalism, art, and agriculture, Johnny uses the visual and literary arts to bring to life the challenges, risks, and rewards of living a life at speed.

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