FormulaCross first on off road rally action at Willow Springs.

With countless feeder series already in place to support the likes of Indy Car, Formula 1 and NASCAR, it only made sense that Formula Cross fill in the missing gaps in the world of rally and rally cross. With some of the biggest names in the sport of rally cross such as Sébastien Loeb, Marcus Grönholm, Tanner Foust, Ken Block, Brian Deegan and Rhys Millen, Formula Cross is the perfect building block to develop driver skills and perfect car control. All at a price point untouchable by other similar manufactures. Weather you have a passion for Motorsport competition or you are just the weekend warrior, Formula Cross will provide the adrenaline rush of excitement you crave. Designed to accommodate a driver up to 6′-6″, Formula Cross is the perfect answer for those that are often left to sit and watch.

No Boundaries

Karting and go-karts are the typical entry point into first hands on expense into the world of Motorsport. The problem is to maximize this experience you have to run on designated tracks at designated times. Not to mention the share abuse on the body to arms, neck, shoulders and back from a ridged frame and no suspension.

With Formula Cross there are no boundaries. Sand dunes, dirt trails to wide-open spaces, the locations are limitless.