Evergreen Drift’s Pro Am Round 1 on Saturday was a day of firsts. This was the first time they had 20 Pro Am drivers competing, the first time a few of the drivers to run the track with their new set ups, and the first podium finish for newcomer Jeremy Ritcher and his SV Performance S13.


This is Jeremy’s first season running Pro Am.  In fact, his first event ever driving Evergreen was Nissanfest and this competition was his 2nd time, running his car on the 5/8ths.  The weekend before, EVD hosted a drift school to get new drivers used to the track and to help the grassroots drivers 3/8th bank drivers get used to the fast 5/8ths bank.


One of the many guys switching up chassis’s during the off season was Kory Keezer. Swapping his SR20 powered FC RX-7 for a LS powered S13 coupe. With the help of Maxwell Power, Kory was able to get the new car running the night before the event.


Coming into the event with no track seat time, I wasn’t sure how Kory’s day was going to go. Wall taps, not being used to the car, and facing some car problems He battled  through placing in the top 8.

The man of the day though was Evergreen veteran, Victor Moore. Victor has been around from the beginning.  He has was out last season building his car but made a strong comeback, placing 1st in Pro Am.


The Drift Program at Evergreen Speedway made some changes in the off season and has been seeing positive results. The number of drivers signed up for Pro Am has doubled last season’s numbers.  The open drift days have been seeing upwards of 50+ cars and most importantly the crowds have been getting bigger and better!


Pro Am:
1st) Victor Moore
2nd) Nik Jimenez
3rd) Jeremy Richter

1st) Thomas Skarshoug
2nd) Marc-Andre Tatto
3rd) Jonathan Raymer

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