I was asked by Chris with My Life at Speed if I was interested in shooting Endurocross.  Which I eagerly answered Yes!  Followed by what’s endurocross?  Endurocross is a culmination of Motocross mixed with Enduro racing.  It’s an indoor track like supermoto but with obstacles including jumps, water pits, trees, rock piles, pits of corded wood.

What I didn’t expect as I walked into the arena, is that once the racing started – there would be motorcycles literally flying off the course, getting stuck in the wood pit, smash into the rocks, sometimes catch on fire, spew steam from being completely taxed; and riders so exhausted after their laps that they would almost collapse.  To do Endurocross – you gotta be in shape for sure!

Endurocross was an exciting, and adrenaline pumping event to watch as well as photograph.  With 8 to 12 riders taking off simultaneously, competing to clear the first hurdles and come out ahead at the first turn was a difficult task.  Once you were in the lead it didn’t mean you were staying there.  All too often I saw 1st place competitors with a huge lead get caught up in the rock pit with a stuck tire, or the bike laid over in the wood pit.  Endurocross requires a lot of skill to navigate the obstacles as well as the endurance just to finish.

DSC_5125 (Custom)

X-Games winner Maria Forsburg from Brier, WA took home first place in the Women’s Division after a tough race around the track.  Two thirds the way through her final lap, her bike appeared to over heat and was spewing steam.  This didn’t stop Maria from climbing the last few obstacles.  As she neared the finish line across the rocks the bike gave out.  Maria jumped off the bike grabbed the handle bars and proceeded to push the bike across the line!  Check out the gallery and photos to check out the action! – Eric Gearhart

First place Finishers

EX Pro Race Taddy Blazusiak

Dash for Cash Race Paul Neff

Women’s Race Maria Forsburg

EX Pro LCQ Race Kevin Rookstool

Trialcross Race Max Nelson

Open Amateur Race Ben Rego

Vet Plus 35 Race Shane Cuthbertson

For Race Results and future events visit: http://www.endurocross.com/


111 Taddy Blazusiak 1st place EX PRO Points Standings after the 1st event

DSC_4374 (Custom)

The first hurdle to overcome.

DSC_4569 (Custom)

Quick pass on the right as another rider goes down.

DSC_5025 (Custom)

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