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Dakar Heroes 2017: Day 03

Today’s #DakarHeroes video has dropped, and as usual, Lyndon Poskitt features prominently (first 3m50sec). This Stage 03 footage shows you the tough terrain and heat they dealt with early on as they approached the mountains, then the weather that came in after the special stage.
Prepare for language as foul as the weather, but the view is fantastic from this side of the camera lens.

Written by Johnny Killmore

Johnny Killmore is a Formula sidecar and motorcycle racer who lives in the Bay Area of California. Fascinated at a young age by machines, Johnny is most comfortable at race tracks, garages, or far away places astride a motorcycle. Having cultivated a life revolving around speed, racing is a natural extension of that.

Johnny is also a great story teller so it follows naturally that he would share his adventures and report on the adventures of others. Having formally studied journalism, art, and agriculture, Johnny uses the visual and literary arts to bring to life the challenges, risks, and rewards of living a life at speed.

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