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Conversation with Nate Conley – Day 1 X Games – by Mitch Snow

I had a chance to chat a little with Nate Conley tonight (Friday), about the first day of his practicing on location at X Games.  Didn’t have a ton of time to talk but but found out some quality stuff; and was able to show Nate’s always modest, easygoing personality.  More to come day by day.


MyLife@Speed: How’s X Games?
Nate Conley: X Games is unreal.  The atmosphere is crazy.  There is people everywhere.  It’s such an amazing experience being here its had to put into words.

ML@S: How big is the jump?
Nate: Jump is about 50’.  A lot shorter then PPIR.  I wish it was way bigger. It’s X Games.  Let’s push the cars to the limits.

ML@S: How many runs of jump practice did you get and how were they?
Nate: I hit the jump 3 times.  Every time was fine.  Not sure what the speed was.  Just had to feel it out.

ML@S: Did anyone have problems with the jump?
Nate: No one had problems on the jump but Mirra and Block were having car trouble afterwards.

ML@S: Do you feel that Travis getting hurt helped or hurt you, and why?
Nate: I don’t like looking at Travis getting hurt as a way that may have helped me.  I want to compete against the best of the best and Travis is one of them.


ML@S: Have any of the factory/veteran guys approached you with advice or help?  If so, who and how?
Nate: No one has approached me.  The pits are laid out really weird and everyone really keeps to themselves.  Right now we have been getting a lot of support front the onsite vendors like BFG, Mishimoto, Wheel Pros, Motegi Wheels.  They are going out of their way to help us out.  It feels so great to have those kind of people behind you.

ML@S: What is your overall goal for X Games and how are you going to reach it?
Nate: We have already achieved our goal and that was just to have fun, and enjoy every minute that we are here.  Results don’t really matter to us.  We finish were we will.  All we can do is try and put on a great race.

ML@S: Which of the two events do you think will be the most difficult?
Nate: Tomorrow (Today/Saturday) is going to be the hardest day with it being one round eliminations and us being underpowered.

ML@S: What do you see as the most difficult part of the track?
Nate: The corners are tighter then they look.  Don’t get to see the whole track until the AM so a will know more at 6am (Saturday).

ML@S: Which event are you looking forward to the most, and which one do you feel will be the most difficult?
Nate: Really looking forward to Sunday.  Running 8 cars at a time was crazy at PPIR so running 8 Cars at X Games on a tight track is going to be insane.

Nate’s final words of the night:
Really want to thank our family, friends, fans, and sponsors for supporting us through this whole journey.  It truly means a lot to us having so much support out there.

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